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Espagnole sauce is a basic brown sauce, and is one of Auguste Escoffier's five mother sauces of classic French cooking. Escoffier popularized the recipe, and his version is still followed today. Espagnole has a strong taste, and is rarely used directly on food. Quick prep time, very consistent, great flavored product.


Weight: 32 oz.

Espagnole Sauce - Haco

SKU: SC8000602
$18.16 Regular Price
$15.44Sale Price
    • Unit: 32 oz 
    • Yield per unit: 2.25 gal
    • Dosage per gallon: 14 oz
    • Servings per serving size: 144/.25 cup

    All vegetarian solutions, suitable for all your patrons Facilitates HACCP procedures No refrigeration necessary, long shelf life Vegetarian, No MSG, Granulate

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