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NEVULINE ® is an invert sugar syrup, partially crystallized, obtained by total hydrolysis of sucrose. Its highly dry substance and the presence of micro crystals confers a pasty aspect to it. NEVULINE ® is made up of equal parts of fructose and glucose resulting from the hydrolysis of sucrose. Used as a technical ingredient it has specific properties: anti-caking, higher sweetness, improved conservation, reinforcement of the colouring of the baked products, lowering of freezing point.


Weight: 15.5 lbs

Nevuline (Trimoline)

SKU: PA6089
  • Storage Conditions:  Dry and cool (68- 72ºF, 20- 22ºC)

    Ingredients:  Crystallized inverted sugar syrup (82%), Water (18%)

    Directions: As a replacement of part of sugars: croissant and brioche (25- 30%); soft doughs (30- 35%); white bread (20g per kilo of flour); dry cakes (4-5%); genoise, cakes, madeleine (5-10%); buttercream (25-40%). Should not be used for ice cream or sorbet.

    • Prevents crystallization,
    • Resists humidity,
    • Acts as an anti-oxidant,
    • Increases carmelization,
    • Improves texture,
    • Preserves aroma, flavor and color.

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