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A 100% powdered cocoa butter ideally used for tempering chocolate and for salted applications.


Weight: 1.21 lbs

** DISCONTINUED ** Mycryo Powdered Cocoa Butter - Cacao Barry

SKU: CB7065
    • Pure vegetable – 100% natural! (a noble fat ideal for frying)
    • Mycryo® is obtained through the cryogenisation of cocoa butter

      (freezing at very low temperature), an entirely natural process

    • Resists high temperatures perfectly (up to 200°C)
      • Cool storage recommended: 12-18°C
      • Gives better and healthier frying results than other frying fats such as olive oil, butter... • Great for use in: stir fry, wok, grill, etc.
      • Maximum shelf life: 1 year 


    • Mousse
    • Ganache Filling
    • Cooking

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