No cupcake, donut or brownie is complete without a good icing. Puratos Icing and Fudges can be used to enhance all patisserie and bakery products, helping you satisfy customer demands and expectations. All of Puratos’ icing are ready-to-use and can be applied to many applications.

Puratop Swirl N Frost Chocolate Icing is a ready-to-spread chocolate flavoured fudge icing. High gloss and smooth texture. Warm to use as a dip icing for donuts. Whip to use as an aerated icing. Free of partially hydrogenated fat. NAFNAC


Weight: 20 lbs

Puratop - Swirl N Frost Chocolate Icing - Puratos

SKU: PS4107431
    • Ready-to-spread chocolate flavoured fudge icing
    • High gloss and smooth texture
    • Great chocolate flavour
    • Free of partially hydrogenated fat
    • Plant-based suitable solution