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Cuisine Tech Uno Stabilizer Powder Hot or cold process stabilizer for frozen desserts. Enhances texture and shelf life of frozen confections. Very low dosage. Hot and cold process. For fat and water based mixtures. Protects against heat shock damage. Applications: To support the formation of tiny ice crystals and fat globules in frozen confections. Improves texture and shelf life of ice cream. Download spec sheet here


Weight: 1 lb

Uno Stabilizer Hot & Cold High Process - Cuisine-Tech

SKU: CT1093
  • Storage Conditions: Dry and cool (68- 72 F, 20- 22 C)

    Ingredients: Pre-gelatinized wheat flour, potato starch, stabilizer phosphate E450, lactose

    Directions: Dosage: 10g Whipped Cream Stabilizer per liter of heavy cream Sweetened Whipped Cream: Combine Whipped Cream Stabilizer with sugar and add to heavy cream prior to whipping. Unsweetened Whipped Cream: Sprinkle over whipped cream after whipping is 90% complete.

    Made in Germany.

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