Beurremont 82% 

Dry Butter Sheets 

10 / 2.2 lb Tourage

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Beurremont 82% Dry Butter Sheets 10/2.2 lb Tourage

  • Beurremont 82% Beurre de Tourage Sheets

    Product Code:  BUE275

    Unsalted, cultured butter. 82% butterfat. Perfect format for laminated doughs.

    2.2 lb. Sheet // 10 Sheets per Case


    Minimum 82% butterfat. Made from rigorously selected creams. Its exceptional softness gives remarkable puff pastry. A perfectly homogenous and flexible texture. HUGE TIME AND LABOR SAVINGS. Beautiful even golden yellow color.

    Storage Conditions:  Frozen

    Ingredients:  Pasteurized cow's milk cream, lactic ferments.

    Additional Notes:  Melting point: 34-36ºC, 93-96ºF. Once defrosted, keep refrigerated at +6ºC/ 43ºF for 60 days maximum. Once defrosted do not re-freeze.

    Applications: As an ingredient for laminated doughs.

    Directions: Ready to use. DEFROST prior to use. Use at 39-46ºF (4-8ºC).