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Just when you thought that our traditional cannoli cream couldn't get any better, we added mini chocolate chips! Like our traditional ricotta cream, our chocolate chip filling is super smooth, sweet and has notes of vanilla to it.  Our filling is shipped frozen, in easy to use disposable pastry bags. Simply defrost, and you're ready to fill cannoli and more! This item does not ship it is available for pick up in Orlando, FL


Creamy and rich.


Quantity: 6 bags


Weight: 3 lb bags

Cannoli Cream with Chocolate Chips - Moda

SKU: PA0200
  • Storage Conditions:  Frozen
    Ingredients:  Ricotta cheese, sugar, chocolate chips,

    candied papaya, vanillin.

    Applications: Fillings for cannolis, cakes, pastries, etc.
    Directions: Thaw and use. 1 year frozen, 1 week refrigerated