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A pure white, semisolid crème fondant with very smooth texture for use as a base for icings and buttercreams.


  • More visually appealing end product
  • Provide a sweet layer that can be either soft or crunchy


No cupcake, donut or brownie is complete without a good fondant. Puratos fondants can be used to enhance all patisserie and bakery products, helping you satisfy customer demands and expectations. Give your products the perfect finish with premium quality icings and toppings to meet your every need.


Weight: 50 lbs

Fondant 80-20 - Puratos

SKU: PS4107551
  • Warm to 100°F-110°F and use as icing for sweet goods. Add optional ingredients as desired (colors, flavors or flavor concentrates).


    • Convenient - less scaling and less need for skilled labor
    • Versatile
    • No artificial colors or flavor
    • Cleaner Label
    • Sculpting
    • Decorating

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