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Used as an ingredient in many preparations: to prevent crystallization while cooking sugar; croquembouche; nougatine; pulled sugar flowers. Stabilizes ice cream. Sweetness control, freezing point control, improved mouthfeel and creaminess are its major benefits.


Weight: 11 lbs

  • Also available in 2.2lb


Glucose Syrup - Pastry 1

SKU: PA6592
  • Storage Conditions:  Dry and cool (68- 72ºF, 20- 22ºC)

    Ingredients: Glucose syrup

    Additional Notes:  DE- 44.0 (dextrose equivalent).

    Directions: Ready to use.

    • Low relative sweetness,
    • Medium viscosity,
    • Medium freezing point depression.
    • Acts as a bodying agent.
    • Prevents lactose crystallization.

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