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The classic among butter Sauces with a characteristic citrus undertone for the creative chef. Mild in flavor. The traditional butter sauce for poached eggs, asparagus etc. Ideal base for other signature sauces (Bearnaise, mustard, maltese, etc). Unbeatable convenience product for all uses, no hassle with breaking, no worries about fresh eggs, steam table proof.


Weight: 32 oz.

Hollandaise Sauce - Haco

SKU: SC8000625
$20.68 Regular Price
$17.58Sale Price
    • Unit: 32 oz 
    • Yield per unit: 3 gal
    • Dosage per gallon: 10.8 oz
    • Servings per serving size: 192/.25 cup

    All vegetarian solutions, suitable for all your patrons Facilitates HACCP procedures No refrigeration necessary, long shelf life Vegetarian, No MSG, Granulate

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